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Welcome to Agents.

This summer, Ashley Holland is a soon-to-be college freshman...too Japan! Her friend, Risa Campbell, will be joining her as a high school senior. They think they have an accurate idea of what life will be like, but they have no clue what's coming. With legends and loves to juggle with, will their friendship survive? Unlike my other two comics, this one will update. The writer is my friend, KitsuneRay, so I'm sure to keep updating. :D

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Konnichiwa and Hello!

Posted by Ashkitty_sama_sensei
July 9th, 2008, 6:28 pm
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Welcome to Agents, ya'll! This comic is actually a collab between my friend, KitsuneRay (who doesn't have a SJ account)and me. We actually came up with it 4 years ago, but this is the second version and the only one uploaded to the internet (it's almost been a year since it was first uploaded). This is one of two manga KitsuneRay and I are collaborating on (the other is under construction).

If you wanna learn about updates and other manga of mine, or if you just wanna friend me, my Myspace is at Message me, anytime!

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